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How do I generate/manage a project list?

When generating a new list, you can generate a project list by "bookmarking" one or more products. A product can be bookmarked using the bookmark button which can be found on each product's detail page, at the end of the shopping cart, or in the product overview in cases of quick orders.
When generating a new list you can assign a name to the project and add notes to it in the text field. You can change this information as often as you like later on.

You can manage your projects by clicking on the desired project in the project overview on your dashboard to open it.
You can edit the project data (name, description) of a project by clicking on the pencil symbol on the left. Additionally, you can add new products here (individually, via quick order upload, or using the normal shopping function on the individual product pages), change quantities, or even delete individual products (rubbish bin symbol). Moreover, you can empty the opened list or delete the entire list by clicking on the buttons at the end of the page.